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Not built Build #261 (Jun 18, 2019 7:38:42 PM)

  1. Set version to 2.0-SNAPSHOT (details)
  2. Dependency upgrade: GeoTools 20-SNAPSHOT -> 22-SNAPSHOT (details)
  3. Dependency upgrade: Mockito 2.0.2-beta -> 2.27.0 (details)
  4. Fix test errors introduced by mockito version upgrade (details)
  5. Bulk replace by java.util.Optional (details)
  6. Apply formatting after adding formatter-maven-plugin (details)
  7. Remove ImmutableSortedMap from api (details)
  8. Run organize imports (details)
  9. Remove ImmutableList from api's model objects (details)
  10. Bulk replace by (details)
  11. Remove geotools dependency from api module (details)
  12. Remove geotools dependency from geogig-core (details)
  13. Move StringConverters as impl detail of FieldType.(un)marshall() (details)
  14. Remove dependency on guice-multibindings (details)
  15. Simplify the storage plugins mechanism (details)
  16. Promote memory repository storage to core and clenup deprecated code (details)
  17. Bulk replace guava's checkNonNull by Lombok @Nonnull in method arguments (details)
  18. code-style: bulk inline @Override annotations with method declaration (details)
  19. Bulk delete all deprecated code (details)
  20. build: Fix cyclic dependency between core and flatbuffers on (details)
  21. Fix remaining build errors in cli/core (details)
  22. Fix remaining build errors in geotools/datastore (details)
  23. pullrequests tests using the memory repository utilities (details)
  24. core: bind configdb to null and force it to be provided depending on the (details)