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  1. Set version to 2.0-SNAPSHOT (details)
  2. Dependency upgrade: Mockito 2.0.2-beta -> 2.27.0 (details)
  3. Bulk replace by java.util.Optional (details)
  4. Apply formatting after adding formatter-maven-plugin (details)
  5. Remove unnecessary dependency on gt-shapefile (details)
  6. Simplify the storage plugins mechanism (details)
  7. Bulk replace guava's checkNonNull by Lombok @Nonnull in method arguments (details)
  8. code-style: bulk inline @Override annotations with method declaration (details)
  9. Bulk delete all deprecated code (details)
  10. Fix remaining build errors in cli/core (details)
  11. Remove unnecessary dependencies on geogig-rocksdb (details)