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    Module Builds

    Success GeoGig Root7 sec
    Success GeoGig Core API20 sec
     Berkeley DB JE storage backend (didn’t run)
     Benchmarks (didn’t run)
     geogig-benchmarks-core (didn’t run)
     Caffeine implementation of SharedCache (didn’t run)
     Guava Cache implementation of SharedCache (didn’t run)
     GeoGig Command Line Interface Core (didn’t run)
    Not built GeoGig CLI App0.64 sec
    Not built GeoGig Command Line Interface Core1 ms
    Not built GeoGig CLI GeoTools1 ms
    Not built GeoGig Command Line Interface1 ms
    Not built GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands1 ms
    Not built geogig-cli-remoting1 ms
    Success GeoGig Core1 hr 7 min
    Not built GeoGig DataStore Implementation1 ms
     GeoGig Experimental Modules (didn’t run)
     Flatbuffers serialization protocol (didn’t run)
    Not built GeoTools Extension3 ms
     GeoGig to GeoTools Feature model adapter (didn’t run)
     GeoTools Command Extension (didn’t run)
     GeoGig DataStore Implementation (didn’t run)
     GeoTools modules parent (didn’t run)
    Not built Basic GUI tools1 ms
     CRS Metadata support (didn’t run)
     Openstreetmap extension (didn’t run)
    Not built PostgreSQL Storage Backend1 ms
    Not built GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands0 ms
    Not built GeoGig Query Language Extension1 ms
    Aborted Replication and synchronization1 ms
    Not built RocksDB storage backend1 ms
     GeoGig Scripting Extension to Command Hooks (didn’t run)
     Flatbuffers serialization protocol (didn’t run)
     LZ4 compression serialization decorator (didn’t run)
     LZF compression serialization decorator (didn’t run)
    Not built Storage backends1 ms
     RevObject cache implementations (didn’t run)
     Storage RevObject serialization formats (didn’t run)
     Rocksdb backed support for temporary storage (didn’t run)
    Not built Web modules0 ms
    Not built GeoGig Web API1 ms
    Not built GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests0 ms
    Not built GeoGig WebApp0 ms
     Storage backends (didn’t run)
     Web modules (didn’t run)

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