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Success Build #228 (Dec 11, 2018 11:13:42 AM)

  1. Add ValueArray to API as superinterface of RevFeature (details)
  2. Move RevObjectFactory to api and add a mechanism to define the default (details)
  3. New ServiceFinder utility. (details)
  4. Add SharedCacheBuilder service and finder in CacheManager (details)
  5. Move ObjectSerializingFactory to api's RevObjectSerializer (details)
  6. Move Rev*Impl to geogig-api (details)
  7. Move RevObject toString, equals, and hashCode to RevObjects (details)
  8. Remove deprecated ConflictsReadOp and (details)
  9. Reduce warnings in geogig-core (details)
  10. Remove dead code and other compile warnings (details)
  11. Create Bucket and Node through RevObjectFactory exclusively (details)
  12. Add index to Bucket (details)
  13. Replace occurrences of Bucket.forEach(BiConsumer(Integer, Bucket)) by (details)
  14. Replace calls to RevTree.buckets() by RevTree.getBuckets() (details)
  15. Prepare pom to enable Fortify scans (details)