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  1. Dependency upgrade: geotools 20-SNAPSHOT -> 20.0 (details / githubweb)

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Module Builds

Success GeoGig Root10 sec
Success GeoGig Core API17 sec
 Caffeine implementation of SharedCache (didn’t run)
 Guava Cache implementation of SharedCache (didn’t run)
 GeoGig Command Line Interface Core (didn’t run)
Success GeoGig CLI App16 sec
Success GeoGig Command Line Interface Core10 sec
Success GeoGig CLI GeoTools14 sec
Success GeoGig Command Line Interface3.7 sec
Success GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands5.7 sec
Success geogig-cli-remoting8 sec
Success GeoGig Core31 sec
Success GeoGig DataStore Implementation10 sec
 GeoGig Experimental Modules (didn’t run)
Success GeoTools Extension22 sec
Success PostgreSQL Storage Backend10 sec
Success GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands8.9 sec
Success Replication and synchronization19 sec
Success RocksDB storage backend9.1 sec
Success Storage backends3.5 sec
 RevObject cache implementations (didn’t run)
Success Web modules3.4 sec
Success GeoGig Web API15 sec
Success GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests8.4 sec
Success GeoGig WebApp6.6 sec
 Storage backends (didn’t run)
 Web modules (didn’t run)

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