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  1. Use latest version of sonar-maven-plugin (details)
  2. exclude junit4 files from analysis (details)
  3. 502147: Validation support in generated code (details)
  4. 497232: Fixing NPE (details)
  5. a few sonar issues (details)
  6. avoid magic numbers (details)
  7. alternative implementation of default case (details)
  8. removed useless fields in editor (details)
  9. cleaned up a few tests (details)
  10. explicitly set Java 6 compilation level in examples (details)
  11. 502147: regenerated examples' code (details)
  12. 502147: updated documentation (details)
  13. Initial tests for compile/instantiate/execute (details)
  14. 497232: Fixing NPE asynchronous scenario (details)
  15. 497232: test for NPE asynchronous scenario (details)
  16. Tycho 0.25 (details)
  17. deal with p2.mirrorsURL for artifacts.xml.xz (details)
  18. add p2.mirrorsURL to RAP repository as well (details)
  19. 507595 Adding Sortable to Table Columns (details)
  20. Fixed specific 1.6 compiler level (details)
  21. Increased -Xmx384m to -Xmx1024m in all launches (details)
  22. run dsl.tests with tycho-surefire (details)
  23. changed names of JUnit test cases (details)
  24. don't use injector provider custom (details)
  25. Adapted dsl execution test (details)
  26. Refactored EMF,CDO and RAP references (fixed in uppercase) (details)
  27. 507595: fixed column sorting (details)
  28. 507595: another test for string comparison (details)
  29. renamed other SWTBot tests packages (details)
  30. removed AbstractOutlineWorkbenchTest (details)
  31. guice module check if the passed plugin is null (details)
  32. getPlugin checks whether the passed Bundle is not null (details)
  33. Simplified PluginUtil (details)
  34. renamed swtbot tests package (details)
  35. use the constructor passing null plugin (details)
  36. 509291: Date component with default style must be fixed on Mac (details)
  37. Oomph: show all gerrit reviews in mylyn query (details)
  38. Make SWTBot tests on dirty state more robust (details)
  39. 494945: added annotations noextend noinstantiate (details)
  40. API baseline 1.1.0 (details)
  41. Updated download links (details)
  42. Increased version 1.2.0 for the next release (details)
  43. Oomph setup for Oxygen Simrel (details)
  44. decreased swtbot.timeout (details)
  45. regenerated example library model code (details)
  46. regenerated example library edit code (details)
  47. increased swtbot.timeout to 20 seconds (details)
  48. 509684: regenerated example library editor code (details)
  49. 509684: EMF Parsley Editor problem with Properties view in Oxygen (details)
  50. 509684: Use old version of EditUIUtil.getURI (details)
  51. Use the new CBI aggregator (details)

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