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  1. Use Neon staging repository (details)
  2. Incremented version 0.7.0 for Neon aggregation (details)
  3. Xdoc generated files in the repository (details)
  4. 485916: model and loader for plugin.xml file (details)
  5. 485916: a builder for merging generated plugin.xml files (details)
  6. 485916: generate plugin xml gen in the gen directory (details)
  7. 485916: Updated examples and documentation for the new builder (details)
  8. 485916: Added plugin xml loader tests to dsl test suite (details)
  9. 485866: missing description in pom (details)
  10. Parsley nature decorator on top right (details)
  11. Missing serialVersionUID (details)
  12. 488126: PluginUtil for retrieving the current AbstractUIPlugin (details)
  13. 488126: DSL generated artifacts prefixed with module name (details)
  14. 488126: Updated examples and documentation for new generation (details)
  15. 488167: ISharedImages in the e4 example (details)
  16. 488169: Fix context menu and drag and drop in the e4 example (details)
  17. 488169: SWTBot test for e4 example (details)
  18. Incremented version 0.7.0 (details)
  19. 488247: Use Nexus Staging Maven Plugin for Deployment and Release (details)
  20. 488126: updated maven example for the new generation (details)
  21. Fixed drag and drop test for Indigo and Kepler (details)
  22. 488138: DSL generated are not suffixed with Gen (details)
  23. 488138: .parsley file named after the project name (details)
  24. 488126: Mail example with two Parsley modules (details)
  25. 488126: Updated documentation for the new project structure (details)
  26. 488292: check for duplicate part ids across multiple files (details)
  27. Enabled SWTBot test for e4 example in Neon (details)
  28. exclusion filter for EMF model impl classes (details)
  29. Fixed message in case of missing plugin.xml or view with given id (details)
  30. Builder: close the input stream of the xml gen file (details)
  31. upgraded to Xtext 2.9.2 (details)
  32. fixed version for maven-javadoc-plugin (details)
  33. Incremented version 0.8.0 (details)
  34. eclipse-jarsigner-plugin 1.1.3 (details)
  35. Use the new version of the b3 aggregator (details)
  36. Restructured home site: new userReviews section (details)
  37. Added missing about.html exports (details)
  38. Fixed generated documentation inclusion and ignore (details)
  39. 490037: Rename features as "EMF Parsley ..." (details)
  40. Fixed web wizard for new 0.7 structure (details)
  41. PluginUtil.getPlugin throws a runtime exception (details)
  42. 488371: Document compilation of DSL files with Maven (details)
  43. Reduced number of constructors in PluginConfigurationException (details)
  44. added link for 0.7 update site (details)
  45. Don't assume "Open Perspective" is nested in "Window" (details)
  46. 492982: project wizard does not support projects outside of workspace (details)
  47. Don't assume "Open Perspective" is nested in "Window" (details)
  48. specify org.junit 4.12 required by SWTBot 2.4.0 (details)
  49. force dep org.junit 4.12 required by SWTBot 2.4.0 (details)
  50. swtbot.examples disabled in Kepler (details)
  51. Use SWTBot 2.3.0 for building for Indigo (details)
  52. 491063: Feature caption provider does not work in tree with columns (details)
  53. test refactoring (details)
  54. 493143: TreeViewerColumnBuilder does not use custom weight for firstcol (details)
  55. 490463: Empty item to select missing in pull-down menus (details)
  56. Incremented version 0.7.1 (details)
  57. 493308: Port Parsley DSL to the new Xtext 2.9 generator (details)
  58. Adapt target platform to changed Neon staging p2 repository (details)
  59. regenerated DSL (details)
  60. .repository project is not a feature project (details)
  61. separated Xtext p2 installations on a stream basis (details)
  62. TP for RAP from Neon Staging (details)
  63. Incremented version 1.0.0 (details)
  64. 494886: polymorphic dispatch for special feature names (details)
  65. 494930: Refresh form title (details)
  66. 494945: cleanup API of FormDetailComposite (details)
  67. 494945: cleanup API for DialogDetailComposite (details)
  68. 494994: [Wizard] Add an entry for plugin.xml in bin.includes (details)
  69. removed pde.feature as a dep, use .pde.ui bundle (details)
  70. Oomph: import dsl.ui.tests (details)
  71. 494945: cleanup API for AbstractControlFactory (details)
  72. JUnit tests for CachedLabelProvider (details)
  73. finalName for zipped p2 repository (details)
  74. copy zipped p2 site (details)
  75. switch to releases/neon (details)
  76. updated Oomph setup for Neon (details)
  77. p2.mirrorsURL (details)
  78. Fixing warnings for simrel.neon.runaggregator.BUILD__CLEAN (details)
  79. 494910: createDefaultControl in the AbstractControlFactory (details)
  80. fixed p2.mirrorsURL prefix (details)
  81. version range in xtext requirements (details)
  82. use mars repository for creating composite update site (details)
  83. first eclipse-run in a different work directory (details)
  84. [oomph] set API baseline (details)
  85. API basline only in the RCP project (details)
  86. includeAllRequirements="false" in RAP targlet (details)
  87. Use for RAP (details)
  88. API baseline for RCP and RAP (details)
  89. enabled API analysis on some projects (details)
  90. re-ordered Oomph tasks and git preferences (details)
  91. updated TP for indigo and kepler for Xtext 2.10 (details)
  92. fix swtbot test for Kepler (details)
  93. disabled findbugs in Oomph (details)
  94. removed warnings for databinding rawtypes (details)
  95. API filter for ISharedImages (details)
  96. removed use of deprecated SubProgressMonitor (details)
  97. Incremented version 1.0.1 (details)
  98. 496725: Fix oomph setup for Parsley due to WindowBuilder (details)
  99. add repo properties only when releasing (details)
  100. 497232: Managing model notifications in UI thred (details)
  101. -Xdoclint:none for maven-javadoc-plugin (details)
  102. removed old files (details)
  103. updated Download section for website (details)

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