1. [history page] Key binding for the refresh action (details)
Commit 935ccb0ffd6957fe39accf13cede0184688d1a53 by Thomas Wolf
[history page] Key binding for the refresh action

Register the refresh action as the global refresh action so that
the configured key binding (F5 by default) works.

The tooltip on the toolbar button doesn't show the bound key, though.
The GenericHistoryView has its own refresh action, which is not
registered for the global retarget action. Doing so there might be
another way to fix this in, but may have unknown
effects on other history pages but the EGit one.

Bug: 567600
Change-Id: I3a8cde955d6bf024db097df57c1465681ea0c7cc
Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.egit.ui/src/org/eclipse/egit/ui/internal/history/