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  1. Adapt EclipseSystemReader to the new ~/.jgitconfig introduced in jgit (detail)
  2. Add missing revert icon to reflog view (detail)
  3. Rename "Rebase Interactive" view to "Interactive Rebase" (detail)
  4. Use Title case for Interactive Rebase steps (detail)
  5. Eliminate some new FindBugs warnings (detail)
  6. Bug 552426 - Replace usage of deprecated AbstractUIPlugin#getWorkbench (detail)
  7. [repo view] Do not allow removing submodules from view (detail)
  8. [repo view] Link with selection: immediate reaction, show open editors (detail)
  9. DeleteRepositoryConfirmDialog: use styled labels (detail)
  10. Simplify decoration for submodules node (detail)
  11. Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.22 (detail)
  12. Update Tycho to 1.5.1 (detail)
  13. Update jboss tycho-plugins to 1.4.0 (detail)
  14. Update Orbit to S20191025144108 and Ant to 1.10.7.v20190926-0324 (detail)
  15. Staging view: don't clear title RepositoryNode (detail)
  16. Add utility methods for handling multi-line text (detail)
  17. Unify "Don't show again" messages (detail)
  18. Fix CCE in CommitMessageVieweer when preferences change (detail)
  19. [history] show new HEAD or FETCH_HEAD in commit table (detail)
  20. StagingView: make sure the label decoration is updated (detail)
  21. [staging view] Run deletion and discarding changes in background jobs (detail)
  22. Comparisons of submodules: fix and make non-editable (detail)
  23. Update bouncycastle version to 1.64 and Orbit to I20191106190530 (detail)
  24. GitHistoryView: Add ability to select refs to show (detail)
  25. Close repositories when they are no longer referenced (detail)
  26. Decorators: cache more repository state (detail)
  27. Cache the repository config (detail)
  28. Sort branches in branch selection dialog like in repo view (detail)
  29. [history] Fix showing HEAD if it changed (detail)

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