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  1. CommitMessageArea: make content assist replace the selection (details)
  2. EGit v5.9.0.202008260805-m3 (details)
  3. Prepare 5.9.0-SNAPSHOT builds (details)
  4. Prepare 5.10.0-SNAPSHOT builds (details)
  5. CommitHelper: handle null repository (details)
  6. Update target platform to R20200831200620 (details)
  7. Add jgit-4.17-staging target platform for 2020-09 (details)
  8. [releng] Update Orbit link in p2 update site to R20200831200620 (details)
  9. Update documentation for 5.9.0 (details)
  10. EGit v5.9.0.202009080501-r (details)
  11. Prepare 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT builds (details)
  12. [oomph] Update and cycle API baselines (details)
  13. [history] Less flashy tags and branches in dark mode (details)
  14. [releng] Don't use composite WTP update site (details)
  15. Fix NPE in FilteredCheckboxTree (details)

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