1. Synchronize the reads and writes to the selectedUserRevision (details)
Commit d795ea5eaf6374d48e07ed2b9647a260c5e4904e by Pascal Rapicault
Synchronize the reads and writes to the selectedUserRevision

This aims at resolving the issue where files are duplicated in the history tab.
The reasoning behind this fix goes as follow:
- The files table is bound to the files included in the userSelectedRevision (two level of binding) and the value of userSelectedRevision may change when the review is loaded.
- Because the userSelectedRevision can change while the UI is showing the files, it is possible for the UI to start showing the files from one revision and then show the files from another revision which would lead to showing a duplicated set of files (note that files are actually not all duplicated. I remember seeing a case where only parts of the files were duplicated.).

I believe that the addition of the synchronization will help in making sure that the UI only shows one set of files.

Change-Id: I9af88e6fbe7c545240f15fcf4a749260a57b2bd7
Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <>
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.egerrit.model/src/org/eclipse/egerrit/internal/model/