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  1. tuleap #838 adjust tooltip for the column in the dashboard. (details)
  2. tuleap #840  Move and Rename VoteHandler (details)
  3. tuleap # 265 Multiple server dialogs popup if I press more (details)
  4. missing one update for tuleap #265 (details)
  5. tuleap #753 Details tab view UI resets after a restore. (details)
  6. tuleap #785 File dialog should stay opened when the file could not be (details)
  7. remove some unused methods, parameters and variables (details)
  8. tuleap #844 fix some critical and major issues.. (details)
  9. tuleap #843 add test for the dashboard. (details)
  10. tuleap #820 center the reply dialog on the monitor. (details)
  11. tuleap #813 Have persistent column order in the FileDialog (details)
  12. tuleap #823 Column width on the details page. (details)
  13. tuleap #845 remove un-used code for a command in the compare editor. (details)
  14. fix some array cloning in the hyperlink. (details)
  15. clean-up some core test (details)
  16. fix some warning and comments for the dashboard table. (details)
  17. tuleap #784 Filter machine should be more explicit (details)
  18. tuleap #786 File dialog should react to Esc (details)
  19. tuleap #368 Show full commit message when hovering the subject in the (details)
  20. tuleap #361 adjust the message tab view according to the user selected (details)
  21. adjust commit id on the message tab view according to the seleccted (details)
  22. tuleap #849 Related changes associated to the user selected revision. (details)

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