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  1. tuleap #379 Provide indication that the comments are not applying to the (details)
  2. tuleap #831 Only Checkout a review having a perfect match, (details)
  3. Adjust the test to wait for the data. (details)
  4. tuleap #659 Opening the compare editor from the dashboard should select (details)
  5. update the maven cbi version. (details)
  6. tuleap #832 clean-up the egerrit core plugin. (details)
  7. tuleap #835 Compare files reset table using M1+6 (details)
  8. reset the cbi version to previous version. (details)
  9. tuleap #834 clean-up some code in egerrit ui. (details)
  10. re-establish the cbi version to the latest. (details)
  11. more cleanup in the core section. (details)
  12. more cleanup in the ui. (details)
  13. tuleap #836 clean-up code in EGerrit dashboard core (details)
  14. tuleap #837 clean-up code in EGerrit Dashboard UI and the model. (details)

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