Project ecf-tycho.gerrit

Tycho build of gerrit submissions to the ECF master branch

Verifies the build against both the oldest and newest supported versions of the Eclipse Platform (see "Configurations" below -- we are limited to two simultaneous executors, so only two builds gives faster feedback)

  • Triggered when commits are pushed to gerrit
  • Triggered when someone comments "build please" on a gerrit review
  • Creates a signed p2 repository
  • Performs sanity checks against the baseline repo (last release), the build will fail if:
    • Version of a feature/plug-in decreased compared to the baseline
    • A feature/plug-in has the same fully-qualified version as the baseline, but with different binary content
    • A feature/plug-in has a different qualifier to the baseline, but with the same x.y.z version (a change should at least result in a bump to the micro version)