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  1. Adjust copyright headers: correct the mispelled "navailable" to be (detail)
  2. Adapt the templates to add the missing copyright and license headers (detail)
  3. adapt templates to add missing copyrights (detail)
  4. adapt templates (detail)
  5. Regenerate eastadl model and source zip file with the adaption of (detail)
  6. Reword "hack" (detail)
  7. Rewords for "hack" (detail)
  8. Updated kepler target def (detail)
  9. Updated luna target def (detail)
  10. Updated MMGen kepler target def: org.eclipse.xtext.xbase.lib (detail)
  11. Updated MMGen luna target def (detail)
  12. Updated of EATOP (if statement and Eclipse package version) (detail)
  13. Added mars target def (detail)
  14. Integrate mars target def in releng builds (detail)
  15. RESOLVED Bug 444145 - Incorporate changes of Sphinx triming context (detail)
  16. Removed unused IEastADLSerializationConstants (detail)
  17. RESOLVED - bug 444187: Remove unnecessary different revisions Hack in (detail)
  18. Switched EATOP build to Tycho 0.20.0 (detail)
  19. Updated East-ADL ecore and gen model: set defalut value with "Restore (detail)
  20. Rework on ExtendedEastADLResourceAdapter:  getHREF() refers to (detail)
  21. Rework ExtendedXMLPersistenceMappingSaveImpl: keep exact the same as (detail)
  22. Set string type attribute defaut value to be null instead of empty (detail)
  23. Adapt new changes of Sphinx ExtendedResourceAdapter#createURI() (detail)
  24. Removed unused EastADLSAXXMLHandler, use (detail)
  25. Updated luna target to Sphinx 0.8.1RC4 (detail)
  26. Update mars target def to Sphinx 0.8.1RC4 (detail)
  27. Removed deadcode ExtendedXMLPersistenceMappingSaveImpl#addAttributes() (detail)
  28. Updated target defs (detail)

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