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Build #16 (Jan 23, 2018, 3:27:15 PM)

First build after merging repos & Nick's updates
  1. add missin source directives for doc plugins (details)
  2. remove unused maven plugins; move USED ones out of pluginManagement and (details)
  3. purge unneeded sourceTemplateFeature content (details)
  4. fix source directives for all the plugins; remove javac.source/target (details)
  5. remove optional features from inside other features. if they're (details)
  6. fix source feature gen; update copyrights; remove unneeded files in (details)
  7. disable source features again until I can make them work (details)
  8. bind p2-metadata to package, not verify (details)

Started by user Nick Boldt

Revision: ebefcf2ff37a611f095bdb6e723c313adf784924
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