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CDT ​​10.0.0 ​​RC1 ​​for ​​2020-09 ​RC1 ​​(standalone ​​debugger)
Build Artifacts
  1. Run Dash Licenses tool on CDT (details / githubweb)
  1. Bug 566462: Eliminate deprecated GDB hardware debug API (details)
  2. Fixed "Unnecessary semicolon" compile warning (details)
  3. Cleanup of PTY class (details)
  4. Fixed "An entry for OSGI-INF/ is required in bin.includes" warning (details)
  5. Fixed "An entry for plugin.xml is required in bin.includes" warning (details)
  6. Fixed "Build entries must contain at least one value" warning (details)
  7. Fixed "Key X is not found in localization properties file" warning (details)
  8. Fixed "The value for X attribute is not externalized" warning (details)
  9. Fixed "Dead code" compiler warning (details)
  10. Bug 566462: Eliminate deprecated network-oriented API (details)
  11. Bug 566385: add cmake build-output parser. (details)
  12. Bug 566462: Document deprecated GDB hardware debug API removal (details)
  13. bug 560330 remove \${ "to not resolve" functionality (details)
  14. Bug 566511: [releng] Add missing UTF-8 encoding for all CDT projects (details)
  15. [releng] Split up check_code_cleanliness script (details)
  16. Trivial - fix copyright year (details)
  17. [releng] Add missing copyright headers to releng scripts (details)
  18. Minor updates to bundles to have proper translations (details)
  19. Ensure file is closed (details)
  20. Fixed potential NPE (details)
  21. [releng] Remove invalid natures and builders from features (details)
  22. Bug 551817: Fix legal docs - and automate their checks (details)
  23. Improve some of the documentation of removed deprecated API (details)
  24. Bug 563494: Remove freemarker java11 workaround (details)
  25. Bug 560330: Document \$ escaping change in API doc (details)
  26. [releng] CDT target platform update for RC1 (details)
  27. Bug 517813: Remove long since deprecated Multi Launch (details)
  28. Bug 566530: Remove deprecated launch tabs from CDI days (details)
  29. [releng] Automate running of dash licenses (details)
  30. [releng] Automate running of dash licenses (fixup) (details)
  31. Bug 561389: Correctly mark package o.e.t.t.ui.internal as x-internal (details)
  32. [releng] Update comparator repo to 9.11.1 release (details)
  33. Bug 558809: Handle cases where Oomph corrupts \0 char in preference (details)
  34. Bug 553674: Make Binary parsers and related classes Autocloseable (details)
  35. Bug 565836: Include properly for aarch64 (details)
  36. Bug 566385: integrate cmake build-output parser (details)
  37. Bug 566385: integrate cmake build-output parser (code cleanup) (details)
  38. Print build-start and -end message to consoleInfoStream. (details)
  39. Bug 566610 - CDT 10.0 stream should use LSP4E 0.16.0 release (details)
  40. Bug 536320 - Do not show LSP4E diagnostics in the C++ editor (details)
  41. Bug 566492 - Add CDT LSP to CDT Optional features (details)
  42. Bug 521515: Build ppc64le libraries on HIPP (details)
  43. Bug 565836: Add aarch64 for standalone debugger (details)

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