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CDT ​​10.0.0 ​​RC1 ​​for ​​2020-09 ​RC1 ​​(standalone ​​debugger)
CDT ​10.0.0 ​M3 ​for ​2020-09 ​M3 ​(standalone ​debugger)
CDT ​10.0.0 ​M2 ​for ​2020-09 ​M2 ​(standalone ​debugger)
CDT 10.0.0 M1 for 2020-09 M1 (standalone debugger)

Pipeline cdt-master-standalone-debugger

This is the build of the CDT master branch standalone debugger against the SimRel repo. It only runs on demand and consumes CDT from the simrel repo too, therefore you will get only version of CDT in the cooresponding simrel.
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