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  1. Always pull build env image (details)
  2. Fixed agent pod template (details)
  3. Fixed yaml typo (details)
  4. Remove pod name from template (details)
  5. Added m2wrapper emptyDir volume (details)
  6. Splitted concatenated parameters (details)
  7. Fixed checkstyle deps: 1.0.2 is not released yet (details)
  8. Moved build script fully to Jenkinsfile (details)
  9. Added symlink to Jenkinsfile from checkstyle folder (details)
  10. Changed checkstyle's Jenkinsfile from symlink to copy (symlinks are not (details)
  11. Added POM env variable as Jenkinsfile are always executed from the root (details)
  12. Fixed env vars section to reuse already defined var (details)
  13. Added common Jenkinsfile (details)
  14. Fixed: groupId may be inherited from parent pom (details)
  15. Child pom may want to check for plugins/deps updates, so the rules file (details)
  16. Added Jenkinsfile for webservice (details)
  17. Added Jenkinsfile for maven-plugins (details)
  18. Fixed typo in maven-plugins/Jenkinsfile (details)

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