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  1. add call to addPackProperties ant task (details)
  2. Rely less on tcpecho service (details)
  3. Remove trap (details)
  4. Add debug mode (details)
  5. add echo to script for debugging (details)
  6. split config: keep secrets away (details)
  7. Never reveal secret (details)
  8. better handling of io redirection (details)
  9. Light fix in test output (details)
  10. remove debug string (details)
  11. Remove temp ant file and use absolute path in sign queue (details)
  12. Bug 488876 - Too much is excluded by cbi repository .gitignore (details)
  13. Bug 488876 Adding "project files" to bundle after fixing .gitignore (details)
  14. Bug 488876 - excluding top level .project file (thanks Thanh) (details)
  15. Bug 487857 removed creation of .bak file. (details)

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