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  1. adapted code to APP4MC 0.9.3 (detail)
  2. updated target as : app4mc 0.9.3 (detail)
  3. updated to Inchron 2.98.3 (detail)
  4. Included sources for Inchron 2.98.3 (detail)
  5. Added model folder (detail)
  6. added new structure for Amalthea to Inchron model transformation (detail)
  7. added HWModel transformation (Amalthea to Inchron) (detail)
  8. added OS and Mapping transformers (detail)
  9. added SWTransformer (detail)
  10. added ISR transformer (detail)
  11. added RunnableItems transformer stubs (detail)
  12. added StimuliTransformer (detail)
  13. updated generation of FunctionCall elements (detail)
  14. added generation of runtime distribution for Function items (detail)
  15. Fixed warnings and used code formatter (detail)
  16. Minor updates (detail)
  17. Added correct headers (detail)
  18. added support for amalthea GraphEntryBase elements to Inchron (detail)
  19. updated model transformation to support ModeSwitch (at Task level) and (detail)
  20. added transformation for CustomEventTrigger (detail)
  21. updated graphical visualization diagram view to navigate and select (detail)
  22. M2M: fixed issue of Mode/ModeGroup creation (detail)
  23. replaced explicit cache model entries with def create method (that (detail)
  24. declared Singleton injection for m2m transformer classes (detail)
  25. added transformers for channel, channel accesses, ticks, ModeLabelAccess (detail)
  26. added ModelTransformer class (detail)
  27. unique names in variable read/write accesses (detail)
  28. added transformer Channels --> data flow connections added transformer (detail)
  29. updated to chronSIM 2.98.5 model (detail)
  30. regenerated test output models with new version (detail)
  31. added settings (blank) at inchron top level as it is required to (detail)
  32. updated event chain model (detail)
  33. added example bindings to inchron m2m injection module, to showcase (detail)
  34. added support for transformation of non-DataFlow event chains to (detail)
  35. updated documentation of dataflows in event chain test model (detail)
  36. added transformation for counter object's prescaler & offset members, (detail)
  37. added documentation to test model PrescalerAndOffset Signed-off-by: (detail)
  38. support event stimuli without enabling mode list, support (detail)
  39. extended developers guide: guide & xtend, howto to add user defined (detail)
  40. GSoC RTA initial preparation (detail)
  41. Initial GSoC Response Time Analysis Code (detail)
  42. added some util functions for GSoC RTA (detail)
  43. GSoC - CommonUtil package import removed since it is relocated (detail)
  44. Previous commit had some problems with dependencies, this commit would (detail)
  45. To consider when GPU original tasks are mapped to CPU (detail)
  46. Contention class uploaded (detail)
  47. cdgen initial commit (detail)
  48. reused existing logger across various transformation classes + fixed (detail)
  49. Updated feature and bundle names (detail)
  50. [558520] Added CONTRIBUTING and NOTICE files (detail)

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