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Success Build #30 (Nov 1, 2019 8:22:55 AM)

  1. Fixes. (detail)
  2. Testing Orbit Analysis Tools. (detail)
  3. Few fixes. (detail)
  4. Code generated. (detail)
  5. Added Apogy nature to satellite example. (detail)
  6. Fixes to VisibilityPassesListComposite. (detail)
  7. Added TargetsPassesListPart. (detail)
  8. Fixes to Wizards. (detail)
  9. Added Earth View Configuration. (detail)
  10. Debugging product build and UI. (detail)
  11. Few changes. (detail)
  12. Configured example session. (detail)
  13. Debugging product build. (detail)
  14. Debugging product. (detail)
  15. Debugging product. (detail)
  16. Working on Controllers Binding. (detail)
  17. More work. (detail)
  18. Product first build. (detail)
  19. Planner refactoring. (detail)
  20. Removed controller.ui.edit plugin. (detail)
  21. Working on Planner wizard. (detail)
  22. Some planner refactoring. (detail)
  23. Working on Controllers Bindings UI. (detail)
  24. Few planner model changes. (detail)
  25. Controllers. (detail)
  26. Fixing apogy rcp feature and product. (detail)
  27. Product build fixed. (detail)
  28. Fixed update site. (detail)
  29. Working on Controllers binding. Working on Controllers. Test. (detail)
  30. Few fixes. (detail)
  31. Few dependency fixes. (detail)
  32. Fixes. (detail)
  33. Fixes. (detail)
  34. Little changes. (detail)
  35. Working on Earth Orbits. (detail)
  36. Fixed issues with the SelectedVisibilityPasses layer + others. (detail)
  37. Added new cost functions. (detail)
  38. Fixes to Selection based layers + cleanup ViewModels. (detail)
  39. Added Wizards for a few Layers. (detail)
  40. Added Wizard support. (detail)
  41. Added wizards. (detail)
  42. Minor fixes. (detail)
  43. Added time spam cost function. (detail)
  44. Working on the planner. (detail)
  45. Working on the planner. (detail)
  46. Added infos in the planner UI tables. (detail)
  47. Fixed active  object and added up/down buttons. (detail)
  48. Added stateless cost functions processing. (detail)
  49. Fixes to view models. (detail)
  50. Merge with CSA. (detail)
  51. Minor fix. (detail)
  52. Added *.so in .gitignore. (detail)
  53. Created NewEarthViewComposite. (detail)
  54. Fixes. (detail)
  55. Fixes. (detail)
  56. Fixes. (detail)
  57. Modofied the ApogyPreferencesManager to create preferences of each type (detail)
  58. Fixed Preferences UI. (detail)
  59. Fixed Preferences UI. (detail)
  60. Removed Perspective Switcher on the top. (detail)
  61. Fixed TimeSources Perspective (detail)
  62. Added info in the welcome part. (detail)
  63. Few fixes in the welcome page. (detail)
  64. Recompiled and fixed errors and warnings. (detail)
  65. Fixed workspace/ gitignore. (detail)
  66. Fixes to Preferences parts _ Manager. (detail)
  67. Added presentation mode support to SpherePrimitive. (detail)
  68. Debugging Build errors. (detail)
  69. Fixed compilation errors. (detail)
  70. Few fixes. (detail)
  71. Working on planner cost functions. (detail)
  72. Added missing equinox.event dependency. (detail)
  73. Few fixes in gitignore. (detail)
  74. Fixed coverage. (detail)
  75. Fixed coverage. (detail)
  76. Changed the Stateful compute cost signature. (detail)
  77. Support Solution Multi-Selection. (detail)
  78. Added Show/Hide buttons. (detail)
  79. Removed Export button in the planners list part. (detail)
  80. Added Planner Solutions EarthViewConfig Selections. (detail)
  81. Added Planner Solutions EarthViewConfig Selections. (detail)
  82. Fixed Maven Build Warnings. (detail)
  83. Few fixes. (detail)
  84. Merged with GHGSat latest changes. (detail)
  85. Add XCore derived preference to false. (detail)
  86. Add XCore derived preference to false. (detail)

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